New Year, New Opportunities

Every New Year brings new opportunities and a sense of new beginnings, and along with it, New Year’s resolutions. It’s the time of year where people the world over take the opportunity to try to overhaul their life, and the chances are that you (like me and most of Australia) have, at some point, made a resolution just like this.

Where many of us will make a resolution to get fit, eat healthy, be organised, spend less and save more, our newest volunteer has made a resolution to roll her sleeves up and lend a hand with our Safe Night Precinct Safety Services. Turning 21, this amazing young woman could easily choose to spend her weekends enjoying the nightlife and celebrating with friends, but she has decided to make helping others and serving some of our community’s most vulnerable people a priority.

Together with the rest of the weekend Street Crew, she will be helping to minimise harm, reduce the impact of alcohol-fuelled violence, and provide just-in-time support to hundreds of people who visit the Toowoomba CBD during late night trading hours every Friday and Saturday. Whilst our Street Crew will work with numerous intoxicated people every night, much of their work is helping to prevent harm and minimise the effect of negative events in people’s lives.

The team works tirelessly from 10pm to 3am every Friday and Saturday, providing a Rest and Recovery service in Margaret Street, Toowoomba and providing a mobile safety and support service throughout the whole Toowoomba CBD area. Often, crew will be involved in supporting people with first aid and connection to ongoing support and services, and will work with people through some incredibly tough moments.

Anyone can apply to be a volunteer with our Street Crew and in doing so, make a regular difference in the lives of others. As we launch into a new year, why don’t you make a resolution to not only better yourself, but also to help make a difference for others. There are always opportunities for people to volunteer with us. If you’d like to know more about volunteering with us, simply contact us and we will get back to you ASAP!

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