Civic Assist is an organisation that not only cares for the community; we are a group of people who are passionate about making a difference.


We believe that communities are made great by those that work together for everyone's benefit.

Our team focuses on collaboration with our regional community to develop targeted and innovative programs that empower people today to equip them for a better tomorrow.

Civic Assist coordinates a number of services and initiatives, working with people of all ages and from all walks of life.


Civic Assist Street Crews:
Safe Night Precinct Safety Services

Nobody plans on having a bad night out, but sometimes a night out can turn into a nightmare. When it does, our Crew is there to lend a helping hand.

Our Street Crews provide harm minimisation, peer support and street outreach services based in the Toowoomba CBD liquor precinct operating Friday and Saturday Nights.

Through our mobile and location-based services, the crews provide tailored intervention for those seeking help. The crew encourages a healthy and positive party culture with an emphasis on prevention and safety. The Street Crews provide a support network for those needing assistance and helps to address the negative effects of alcohol and drugs during late night trading hours. Our aim is to reduce the frequency and impact of major harm along with drug and alcohol-fueled incidents on Friday and Saturday nights with an emphasis on:

Safety: providing just in time support to those in potentially harmful situations through active intervention, problem-solving and diversionary strategies. 
Support: providing a safe space that focuses on addressing an individual’s physical, psychological and emotional needs. 
Referral: connecting individuals to services for specialised support. 
Education: encouraging a healthy and positive party culture with an emphasis on hydration and safety.

Annually, the crews engage with more than 1000 people, with 25% of these accessing support through written and active referral.The main areas of concern for those making significant disclosures are; Person Health, Safety and Support (31%), Family, Homelessness and Relationships (30%), Aggressive and Violent Behaviour, Drug and Alcohol Abuse (23%) and Mental Health concerns (16%).

Civic Assist Street Crews:
Youth Outreach Program

Adolescence can be an exciting time of life, but is often a challenging and complex period for many young people, as it is also the peak age of onset for many mental health disorders. During a time when young people form their identities and transition to adulthood, they require significant support in identifying potentially serious health issues and seeking appropriate care for some of their greatest concerns.

Civic Assist Youth Street Crew is an outreach program that focuses on primary health promotion and improving access to health services for young people in Toowoomba.

The Street Crew aims to provide an on-the-ground support network helping young people find effective solutions and support in accessing vital services. It is focused on providing just-in-time care and a weekly one-to-one follow-up service to young people aged 12-24 years of age and is focused on providing support through times of high stress and anxiety.

The Street Crew is based in the Toowoomba CBD area and operates between 6pm and 11pm every Thursday night.

Support Service
Helping those who need it most.

Our Support Service is focused on helping local community services and not-for-profits support their clients. 

The Support Service focuses on delivering short-term relief and developing long-term support strategies with clients whilst maintaining a holistic approach in assisting those clients who engage with the service.

Phone or email for more information about our services or visit our Support Centre, 258 Spring Street Kearneys Spring. Open 9am to 3pm, Monday and Friday.

Community Development
We believe that if you are a part of something, then you participate in it.

Our passion for our city and the region means we want to see the whole community do well. This can only be done when we work together. That’s why Civic Assist has adopted a collaborative approach to community development, where we seek to work in partnership with others to meet the needs of our community and bring awareness to large-scale social issues that affect us all. We work closely with a number of community committees, peak agencies and collaborative groups to address issues like family and domestic violence, child safety and suicide.


Major Funding Bodies

Primary Health Network
Queensland Government

Major Sponsors


We all play a part in making community stronger.

We know that to be effective in supporting and assisting our community we cannot do it alone. Only by developing strong partnerships can we continue to deliver programs and services that really make a difference. We truly value the partnership, sponsorship and support of all the businesses, organisations and individuals that help Civic Assist in running our services and appeals.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or supporter of Civic Assist, send an enquiry today.

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Your privacy is important to us. To view our privacy policy, click here.

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