Homeless For a Night

Homelessness is not something everyone experiences, but is something that should matter to everyone.

Last night our Manager, Matt Gregg, joined with nearly one hundred other people and took to the streets to spend a night homeless in the CBD of Toowoomba.

The ‘Homeless for a Night’ sleep out is organised by Nat and Tiff Spary of the Base Services who have been serving those experiencing homelessness in Toowoomba for nearly two decades. The initiative encourages people to experience firsthand the difficulties of being homeless, and uses the opportunity as a way of raising funds to support those who are currently experiencing the effects of homelessness.

Before getting out on the street and sleeping rough for the night, Matt shared his reason for being involved online. “As a community service worker I have often seen the heart-breaking circumstances that contribute to people sleeping rough, and not having a place to call ‘home’. I want to sleep out for a night to help make a meaningful contribution towards supporting those who need it most.”

Sometimes, when you have secure living arrangements and a stable income, it is hard to imagine how a person can find themselves in a situation where they are experiencing homelessness. However, events like this help to break down the walls of misunderstanding and ignorance, and shine a light on the real issues that surround people entering into homelessness.

As a team, we are very thankful to be a part of a community that is so engaged and working so hard to make a difference for those that are doing it tough. The only way to address these matters is with compassion and a collaborative approach.

We can all do something to make a difference, and there is no doubt that we can do more together than alone. Put simply… we’re better together.

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