Donated Doonas Worth their Weight in Gold

Some of the most important items that we receive each year during winter are doonas, blankets and bed coverings. When we receive these items, it’s like winning gold! So it was especially thrilling when our team received delivery of the first batch of doonas that came by way of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Athletes’ Village.

The Games ran for only two weeks, but these striking doonas will be making an impact on the lives of many for a long time to come. Not only will they adorn the bedrooms of those who will eventually receive them, the doonas will help many Queensland prisoners step into a bright new future as well.

The doonas were first donated to workRestart, a charity building a stronger future for prisoners, and are being passed on to local charities like ours to help others who need support. Prisoners working in The Grid Entrepreneurial Hub at Borallon Training and Correctional Centre have prepared the doonas for distribution, by removing all Commonwealth Games logos and identifiers from the items. The Grid Entrepreneurial Hub is one of workRestart’s businesses behind bars at Borallon prison. These enterprises are providing real jobs and training for offenders and putting them on a pathway to a brighter future. The aim is to build their skills and self-confidence, and to improve their chances of obtaining stable post-release employment, thereby reducing their risk of re-offending.

We are extremely thankful to be one of the recipient organisations for these doonas, and the capable volunteer team will work with the Toowoomba Regional Community to ensure that each item gets where it is needed.

Those looking for support can contact us on on 07 4631 5822 or by emailing

For more information on workRestart, contact Lesley Beames at or by visiting the project online at

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