Hot & Cold

It seems strange that during the height of summer, we’ve got winter on our minds, but that’s what happens when you live in a part of the world that can be 30 degrees one day and drop below 12 degrees the next.

The chilly winter months can be a really desperate time for many people who have fallen on hard times, and is especially difficult for families and individuals from warm climates who are new to Australia. There have been many times where people who have just arrived in Toowoomba have found themselves caught out by the cold snap, and are left freezing. It’s in these situations that we try to provide as much support as possible.

Over the years, our dedicated volunteer team have seen firsthand how the generosity of those who donate makes an impact in the lives of those who receive support.

“There is nothing quite like seeing the smile on a person’s face when they have just received a huge load of clothes and blankets for their family, totally free.”

– Volunteer

We’re extremely grateful for the support of GIVIT and the generosity of many people dropping their donations to our organisation. Many struggling families who will be facing a tough winter will be a little warmer this year.

The donations received through GIVIT are a great start to building the resource reserve required to meet the need that will present during the winter months, however, more is required. We are calling on our whole network to consider how they can help ‘warm someone’s winter’ this year.

Maybe you could organise a donation drive in your office, or perhaps you could run a fundraiser at your school. No matter what you do, remember, everyone can make a difference.

Clothing donations can be made in the carpark at 258 Spring Street, Toowoomba and financial contributions can be made right here, online, through our secure giving portal.

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