Head over Heels

No one really plans on having a bad night out but sometimes, without warning, that’s exactly what happens. Late last year we met Dana, this is her story…

Late October, in early hours of the morning, my friends and I were spending an evening in the Toowoomba CBD, celebrating and enjoying the nightlife.

Even though the night started well and everyone had a great time, regrettably it didn’t end so well.

Just before we were all about to leave for home, my girls and I were in one of the late-night venues when I slipped and fell down the stairs. Immediately, my legs began to bruise, and I was unable to walk on my own. I was so hurt that I needed my friends to pick me up and carry me outside where I met the Street Crews, who saw that I was in need. They were so kind to me. They politely guided me, with help, to the Rest and Recovery centre in Margaret Street. While I was there, the volunteers and staff supported me with ice packs for my bruised legs, and spoke to me to keep my mind off the pain. They also offered me tea, coffee and sat with me until my sister was able to pick me up.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without the help of the Street Crews! 

– Dana

The work of our Street Crews is more than just helping people ‘sober up’ or ‘stop people from doing dumb things’. Our team are skilled, just-in-time support personnel, providing a vital service for those in the Toowoomba CBD during late night trading hours. You can find our crew doing what they do best every Friday and Saturday night 10 pm – 3 am at 2/158 Margaret Street.

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