Fun and Games Make a Change.

Adolescence can be an exciting time of life, but is often a challenging and complex period for many young people. It’s not just an age of freedom and fun, it’s also a time of life that can be the peak age of onset for many mental health disorders.

During a time when young people form their identities and transition to adulthood, they require significant support in identifying potentially serious health issues, and seeking appropriate care for some of their greatest concerns.

Our Street Crew outreach program focuses on primary health promotion and improving access to health services for young people in Toowoomba.

Our teams create a flexible and mobile space designed to be fun, active and engaging, allowing for a stress free, anxiety-free and judgement-free atmosphere, where all young people can feel safe and access vital support.

Well-trained volunteers and qualified staff simply hang out with young people and have fun. However, all that fun and games is helping to make a change.

In this relaxed and ‘chilled-out’ atmosphere, the team are providing an on-the-ground support network, helping young people find effective solutions and support in accessing vital services.

It’s not about changing the world, it’s about making a difference to the person right in front of us. We help to provide just-in-time care for young people dealing with issues ranging from suicide ideation, depression, domestic violence, homelessness and so much more.

Every week we see young people change, grow and develop, gradually stepping into a better tomorrow.

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The Street Crew is based in the Toowoomba CBD area and operates between 6pm and 11pm every Thursday night.

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